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The Sergeant John W. Gabersek Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Corporal Stephen John Simco
US Army Air Corps - 422nd Night Fighter Squadron

Corporal Stephen John Simco

Married to my Great Aunt Jennie Gabersek, sister of Johnny and Frankie, Great Uncle Steve served in the US Army Air Corps as a mechanic for the 422nd Night Fighter Squadron of the 9th.  Reaching the rank of Corporal, Steve worked on P-61 Black Widow fighters as the American Army swept into Europe.  He was also called to duty as a foot soldier during the Battle of the Bulge.  Advanced airfields pressured their ground crews into combat service as the German Army made their push into Belgium in December 1944.  I have little recollection of Great Uncle Steve yet fond memories of Aunt Jennie.  His third heart attack claimed his life in 1974 at the young age of 60.  Aunt Jennie passed away in 2003.  He is survived by daughter Patricia Anne.



Hometown McKeeport, PA

Corporal - U.S. Army Aircorps - Mechanic

422nd Night Fighter Squadron


American Campaign Medal

European Theater Campaign Medal

WWII Victory Medal


Inducted - April 7th 1943

Miami Beach Air Station - England - France - Belgium - Battle of the Bulge - Unknown from there.

Discharged - Unknown


Days in the service of his country - Unknown at this time.

Aunt Jennie, Johnnie's and Frankie's Sister

My Aunt Jennie, I still own the cast iron seat.

Aunt Jennie and Uncle Steve in West Newton Pa.
Aunt Jennie is the Sister of John and Frank Gabersek
I am related to Steve on my mothers side and my fathers side.  Imagine that!!
 Uncle Steve in Miami Beach 1943 Uncle Steve in 1944

Private Steve Simco in training at the Miami Beach Air Station, 1943 and in 1944.


Squadron Insignia of the 422nd Night Fighter Group and the 9th Air Force

The P-61 Black Widow Night Fighter

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